Saturday, December 1, 2018

Review The Hitch House Sarasota Florida

When you take your vehicle into a business, you trust that they will do the work properly, and will not damage anything. Yes it can be risky because you are dealing in most cases with strangers. So on 9-30-17 I took my car to 'The Hitch House' on 12th Street in Sarasota Florida to have a trailer hitch installed. Before going, I'll admit I didn't read any reviews. Besides, reviews are not always truthful. To showcase this, I found a website that had 17 reviews for The Hitch House. And reviewers did not have to register and create a profile. Anyone could write a review and submit. So much for honest and accurate reviews.

Now I always schedule appointments early, so I can get in and out pretty quickly. So right after I arrived at 8 am, checked in, and went to the waiting area, a pickup truck pulling a fairly good size travel trailer arrived. And I'm watching to see how fast my car will be pulled into the garage for the work to begin, and they pull the travel trailer in first, with my car is still sitting out front. Unbelievable. Since the trailer people were from out of town, I doubt they made an appointment the previous week like me.

Above is what I discovered when I came home. Great work huh? The plastic gas tank shield just hanging. What they did was cut it wrong, and the threaded screws did not line up at all. Pretty pathetic workmanship indeed. So after discovering this, I took several pictures, and added zip ties to hold the cover up. The following week I went back to The Hitch House with photos. There were two woman and a man behind the counter. I showed the photos to them, and the manager, or owner, whoever he was, took a fast look and quickly went away. Then a service guy came in the back door to the counter, and the photos were passed off to him. It was pretty comical to hear him try to explain the situation. And then he named all the upscale cars they had installed hitches on in the past. That was laughable too. So then the guy wanted to put the car back on the rack to see why the cover was hanging, I told him no. They already had it on the rack once, and they failed to do a proper job. I informed him I was taking it to a paint and body shop to have it fixed right.

So I took the car to Gary Auto Body and Paint on Clark Road in Sarasota. As you can see from the picture above (on the right), the cover was fixed properly. The cost? About $125.00. Remember reviews can mean nothing much of the time, but photos mean everything. They are the ultimate proof of work done on your car. So the next time you want a hitch installed in Sarasota, just remember what kind of job The Hitch House might do for you.